A First-of-its-kind 3D Printing Platform & Marketplace

A secure 3D marketplace where both free and premium designs can be sold, shared, modified and printed in an environment where design files are protected and remain the property of the designer.
Unique API and advanced toolkit with customizable monetization features allows developers to easily integrate 3D Printing into their own applications, systems or platforms.
Enables direct communication and control with most FDM 3D printers on the market. Once your 3D printer is connected you can print all the items in your 3D library with (almost) a single click of a button.

Designers and artists are invited to submit their 3D printable designs to the Appaloza 3D Showdown contest now. The top 10 designs uploaded to the Appaloza marketplace will win of $100 each, with hundreds of runner-up models being rewarded with $10 per design. Register to Appaloza and get your printable models uploaded to your designer profile right away for your chance to win. If you tweet your entries to @Appaloza we’ll re-tweet them too!

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With the use of our Appaloza API & advanced SDK toolkit, monetizing and integrating 3D printed awards into your business becomes a unique opportunity to broaden the appeal of your brand. Developers will be able to easily integrate 3D Printing into their own applications, systems or platforms, eliminating the hassle and complexity of integrating into this burgeoning industry.

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Selling and buying 3D designs online has just got a whole lot easier. Aside from being able to buy and sell 3D designs, or share them for free; it will incorporate social functions to create a truly unique 3D printing experience where users can communicate with designers and have their way in 3D printing. Appaloza incorporates many of the features of leading social media platforms. Liking, recommending, favouring, endorsing, commenting & following.

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